• Location Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Phone +971 50 9075003

  • Email sales@aamovers.ae


Frequently Asked Questions

Queries in clients mind


We charge 35 AED per hour for 1 maid wihtout cleaning materials if you need with cleaning materials then it will be 40 AED Per hour.

It's depend on you as our price is without cleaning materials 35 AED Per maid per hour if you need? Yes! We provide but it will be 40 AED per hour.

Yes we serve outside of the city like to shahama, baniyas, Al reef etc.

Sorry! to say this, But we provide minimum for 3 hours if you need only one hour then sorry we can't provide you have to hire minimum for 3 hours.

Yes we provide house maids per month.

yes we have all kind of maids service we have nannys, cleaners, care takers etc.

Yes our maids are professional with every house work activities.

We provide many nationalities but in trends today in UAE (Philiphino, Ethopian, Kenya, Uganda) etc.

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